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Treatment of skin colors

Treating Skin of Color

Dr. Ptito extended her expertise, almost 20 years ago, in the treatment of all skin colors. Her customers include more than 50 different cultures and she has become a reference for cosmetic dermatology. Her approach is personalized and adapted according to ethnicity, type of problem and age.

Dr. Ptito also offers laser hair removal YAG, perfectly suited for black skin. This technology is safer and more effective than IPL because eliminates the hair without burning the patient.

traitement pour la peau de couleur

Traitement de la peau offert

Here are the treatments we offer:

  • acne
  • pigmentation
  • melasma
  • pores
  • scars
  • ingrown hairs on the face
  • wrinkles
  • the texture of the skin
  • the radiance of the skin
  • laser hair removal
  • cellulite
  • weight loss

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