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Cellcosmet / Cellmen

Based on the principle of cellular therapy which offers a cell tired, stressed or devitalized revitalizes in contact with a young cell, Cellap Laboratory creates in 1987 Cellcosmet ™ and Cellmencell lines.

To ensure the best effects on the skin, Cellcosmet ™ and ™ Cellmen use bio-integral cells active stabilized - an extraordinary life force. Obtained by biotechnology, bio-integral stabilized cells are active real energy and nutrient reservoirs for epidermal cells. Highly revitalizing, bio-integral cells stabilized active:

  • optimize the activity of skin cells,
  • rebalance the natural functions of the skin,
  • fight against the visible effects of premature aging,
  • nourish and strengthen skin structure.

The bio-integral stabilized cells are active worldwide exclusive signed Cellap Laboratory. Present in cosmetics Cellcosmet™ and Cellmen™, they are obtained through Cellcontrol™, a revolutionary method of stabilizing, which Cellap Laboratory has exclusive worldwide.

Dr. Ptito worked closely with experts from the company to create a unique protocol used in the cabin at his clinic that you can then maintain at home with the products Cellcosmet™ and Cellmen™.

Cellcosmet / Cellmen

Obagi medical


The Obagi® products are formulated to minimize the appearance of aging skin, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, acne and sun damage.

The Clinic Obagi® protocol is ideal if you have:

  • age spots,
  • fine lines and wrinkles,
  • rough skin texture,
  • a loss of elasticity,
  • redness,
  • hyperpigmentation.

The Nu-Derm Obagi® protocol specific to Dr. Ptito Clinic was created to penetrate deep skin, promoting the transformation of the cells to correct the inside damage, revealing a healthy glowing skin and younger appearance.

Using Dr. Ptito Obagi® Nu-Derm daily protocol, the skin will undergo a transformation in several phases. First, the new cells rise to the surface to replace the damaged skin when the rate of cell turnover accelerates. Then, the complexion becomes clearer and uniform and the production of collagen and elastin increases. This reduces wrinkles and the pore size of skin to reveal softer texture. Finally, the skin is transformed and reveals a more youthful and healthy appearance as a result of the important improvement of the cellular functions of the skin.





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